Can I Beat the “Extremely Unfair” Elden Ring Mod?

Thank you Naraka Bladepoint for supporting!

Absolutely make certain to check it out.

The Ascended Mod for Elden Ring brags about offering an exceedingly not fair and hard variation of the game. Can somebody like me beat it?

Elden Ring Ascended Mod:


  1. You say you arent as skilled as a top player, but you are definitely as knowledgeable and clever as one. <3

  2. basically this mod is too easy at the end

  3. 12 HP regen, pretty useless when everything oneshots you.

  4. The thing about Torrent dieing in one hit and not being able to ride through swamps is how the base game should have been in the first place imo. Also the removal of the teleports into Caelid *chefs kiss*

  5. Why is the new Kindle screen textured to look like paper?

    So you feel write at home.

  6. OK so like why is it easier then base elden ring

  7. I mean it’s the perfect unfair mod…it’s unfair on both sides. IORNY!!!!

  8. This videos awesome

  9. Selia be like the streets of san andreas with all npcs have weapons

  10. Silly goose, you don’t need both medallions to get to Altis.

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