Can I beat Mario Odyssey if he is precisely 5’11?

Edited by: Devine_CMD

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  1. This mod is crazy. Mario is so tiny he is about the size of a Small Ant

  2. super explosion

    It’s crazy how much of a difference 1 inch makes

  3. was not expecting anti-grass monoculture in a mario challenge video, but i’m here for it

  4. He changed the title

  5. As a cuber that is impressive

  6. This is actually no maidens simulator

  7. Wow, the new shadow of the colossus game looks great!

  8. Okay but for real I think people would be better off with more diverse lawn stuff than just grass. Moss is a bit extreme and difficult for the average consumer but you can get so much better variety than just grass.

  9. if Mario is just 5 11 then is he just me?

  10. Aminal Creacher


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