Can I beat Donkey Kong 2 if every death gets WAY more high priced?

The hardest game on Super Nintendo, but it is VERY costly.

This was streamed on Twitch!

Edited by CyVoltage!

About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and even discuss things with food

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  1. Martin Shkreli got released from prison 6 months early, we did it gamers!!

  2. František Vrána

    I see you are supporting Doctors without boarding passes.
    They need the passes to pass the borders and get to Bordeaux. There, they will order food and finally get their hors d’oeuvres.

  3. The One Known As Bam

    incredibly touched by doug’s donation to doctors without loiters. nomadic medical practitioners live a hard life and need to be rewarded for their efforts

  4. Finally someone supporting tthe doggers without torture, our puppers need to know illegal torture techniques and doug supporting it makes me happy

  5. Everyone thank doug for give money to
    Dolphins without recorders

  6. Nat can't YouTube

    I’m so glad doug donated to Doctors without Corridors. Till now their apartment has just been one big room

  7. What a generous donation from Martin himself to doctors without borderlands 2. We for sure need to make sure that all doctors own a copy of borderlands 2

  8. “has any child beat this game ever?” well, it was made for Asian kids Doug

  9. Ironic that during the bird race level he used _super sonic_ racing as the bgm.
    Doug committed defamation and then stole his music.
    Shame on you Doug.

  10. “$0 for charity, let’s fucking go, dude!”
    – Doug, 2022

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