Can Flex Tape Stop A Wrecking Ball from 45m?

Thanks to Flex Seal for fearlessly sending us an abundance of Flex Tape Max to do this research project!

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  1. I made the trip to visit the tower while in WA. Felt a bit Hollywood! Go see it guys just so you can say …. I’ve been there!

  2. haven’t even watched it through yet. 45m is back baby

  3. Awesome love your work.❤

  4. Sebastian Brzezicki

    Slow motion with Red ice looked like german occupation forces in 1939 in Poland 🤣🤣

  5. 1 layer of Flex Tape on BP glass vs Bruce

  6. The water doesn’t like being frozen, so it grew thorns to fend off the cold but eventually succumbed to the freezing temperature.

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  7. As the ice freezes from the outside in, the oxygen is slowly being pushed out by the increasing hydraulic pressure inside, but can’t get out due to the ice on the outer layers. That’s why they look like shooting stars trying to escape the center

  8. My question is where was the rock off for who went up top??? Lol

  9. my explanation:

    there is a constant war going on between the water molecules and the oxygen molecules so when the water was exposed to the oxygen, the oxygen launched an attack on the water with the aim of breaking up all the water molecules but the water molecules put up a wall in hopes of keeping the oxygen army out. the battle rages on for a few moments but the superior oxygen forces manages to break the water’s defences. now the oxygen army pours all of its soldiers (molecules) into the water’s territory. now here comes the ice, the ice and water are allies but the ice soldiers are much stronger than the water soldiers so the government of the water gets together and decides to let the ice soldiers occupy the waters territory if they prevent the oxygen from taking over so the ice molecules move in but they are not able to defeat the oxygen but instead they lay siege so the oxygen occupied territories and the battlefield is locked in a stalemate with no side gaining or losing ground

  10. Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions

    Flexy Rexy

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