Can Cops Spot The Stoners?

Reactors Featured:
Law Enforcement


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Can Cops Spot The Stoners?


  1. No jim??

  2. REACT very interesting. Something very different this time. Good job.

  3. The “cops” were F’d up on something! Or they need to get fired, FAST!

  4. That was Catriona Gray’s answer about marijuana stating that it’s okay for “medical use and not for recreational use….well everything is good but in moderation”

  5. ????? For Morgan!

  6. What happened to this channel

  7. React CLC

  8. Secretly all drunk

  9. FreeThinker040

    Asian dude got some big arms.

  10. James looks and sounds like a stereotypical TV cop

  11. I feel like the cops are high

  12. Yasmine Padilla

    I lover the cops?

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