Can ANYBODY Stop YPK Raye and Jenna Bandy?

​@ypkraye and @JennaBandy21 take on @MarcelasHoward and @itspikaaa in week 1 of the 2v2 season.


  1. Cel you needa get bacc in the lab brodie. That was a sorry performance not gonna lie but it’s stil love my boy!

  2. Can pika please hmu

  3. Pika hmu I’ll treat you better

  4. Dude I think it’s funny how people say Ypk is all talk but out here balling. Also I love you videos they are 🔥🔥

  5. U still ass ypk

  6. Cel be claiming he’s should be named as a top player in the community…proceeds to duck and dodge every challenge thrown at him then the footage we do see of him playing someone of his skill level he played scary, lazy, and jus flat out sorry

  7. Jersey look tuff

  8. Cel’s head is not in the game today. The Cel i know would put a hand up and get physical on almost every possession. I understand the doubters are getting to him but you have supporters man. If this is your last tournament, make it worthwhile for us believers. We know you can

  9. I will always that’s cel win or lose

  10. damn cel, this is an example of when you talk to much stuff when watching others and your game is on the decline. be more humble and get back in the gym ypkraye aint nothing ti be played with.

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