Can a Tesla Valve stop a MEGA TSUNAMI in Cities Skylines?

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We are back in Cities Skylines (City Skyline) engineering a way to halt a giant tsunami from wiping out my city by using the oldest of applied sciences- a tesla valve!


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  1. Real Civil Engineer

    Get 10% off my entire merch store with code “tsunami” now!!

  2. Mantwawn Antwawn Hayes

    Way to slip that one in

  3. You could have made multiple valves next to each other

  4. Such a strong shape

  5. It looks like a cross-section of a suppressor.

  6. As soon as he drew that curve I knew it was going to be the longest and strongest shaped valve

  7. I think if he drew the balls first i wouldn’t have noticed the shape

  8. You’re so trendy, and you didn’t even plan to be. Congrats, and keep it up. Cheers!

  9. Love Sim City. Also, the Tesla valve was one of my favorite discoveries throughout studying electrical engineering and it’s not even an electrical principle. Hope this channel can inspire some people to become engineers and learn the laws of physics and see how engineering uses them to achieve impressive inventions.

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