Can a 700hp Supercharged Minivan Beat a V10 Audi R8? // This vs. That

The world’s speediest minivan (also known as the world’s hottest 6 driven by a dude named Cam Douglass in a Chewbacca hoodie) lines up against the world’s hottest supercharged Audi R8 property of a dude named Mike Tornabene also known as Dom Mazzetti. Who wins? Whoever it is, the world isn’t ready.

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  1. Surprised he didn’t go back to the future when he hit 88 in that thing.

  2. That one chill dude ツ

    Just imagine if HOONIGAN bought a truck and made that thing in to a drift missile

  3. Skids And Screwdrivers

    Why are the mini vans windows down?

  4. The Chewbacca sound 😂

  5. Садам Who sane?

    Minivan 👍

  6. One of the best races they did. Two interesting vehicles and very close! Hopefully more close races this happen!

  7. My grandma owns the original

  8. That Merc is as much a minivan as my parents’ SUV.

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