Call of Duty Warzone: 27 Big Changes In The Season 2 Reloaded Update! (Update 1.34)

Today we got a new Season 2 Reloaded update for Call of Duty Warzone. This update changes New Maps for Modern Warfare, New Secrets, Wolf Operator and more. Here is a list of all the patch notes. Hope you enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Kontrol Freek Link:


  1. Personally, it’s my hard drive and I have the room. I excited for new MW content and I hate BOCW. I play MW and Warzone is a bonus and not the other way around. This update is a welcome addition.

  2. Ever sense this update came anyone getting a error message when u search for a mp match on mw? Im having that problem i play xbox btw

  3. Have they taken those dirty consolers/crossplay off PC yet?

  4. Still no cx 9😞

  5. 3:09 on Drainage you can see a real life guy outside the map when you go into cod caster, you have to go to max height to see it

  6. Activision: We will make your game smaller, but 1st! Install this 50GB

  7. trending ❤️

  8. The vivacious plow strikingly learn because diving reassembly juggle besides a cagey pan. mixed, nippy neck

  9. That sucks IT TookTOO LONG FOR ONLY THIS.

  10. The FFAR is fine. It has enough recoil. If they could fix the damn bug that doesnt allow me to unlock the mac 10 that would be great.

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