Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Special Ops Trailer

The next evolution of Special Ops.

Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®’s enormous 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.


  1. I miss my PS4. ?

  2. I’ve been waiting for this game!?

  3. Can’t wait to play this next year on Xbox… ?‍♂️

  4. Ok time to spam those claymores and airstrike markers

  5. And everyone who doesnt own a ps4 wont even touch this after a year and the next cod comes out

  6. I saw the pool from the CoD 4 Chernobyl mission

  7. i’m sorry but what

  8. They really need to work on their smoke graphics

  9. I wonder if they will ban more players for speaking out for Hong Kong in this game too

  10. Cool, but is it one year exclusive??!?

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