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  1. I am sorry for you guys loss 🙁

  2. Sad to hear her dad had passed, stay strong Jackie Dads to their daughter is a special relationship sad news

  3. Hate to hear it for ya’s. Life’s too short, spend it doing what ya love and what makes ya happy

  4. Condolences Jackie to you and your family. Death sux. The amount of time everyone grieves is different depending on their relationship. But I told everybody when I go not to mourn for me but to celebrate my life. I’m sure he was proud and excited to go racing with you. Keep your head up and celebrate by showing him all the hard work u put into caddy jack. Much respect, love, and prayers. 💯

  5. Sorry for your loss, stay strong.

  6. Good luck you guys. You are in my thoughts

  7. Sorry for your loss Jackie. I’m sure your Dad was proud of you.

  8. Man sorry for you’re guys loss Jack is looking badass I’m sure your dad would want you to race on

  9. Dam that look good,, my condolences to you dad Jakie it’s fucked up but we all go through it , time will heal all wounds,, RIP JOHN

  10. Dear Jackie, I to recently lost somebody that I was really close to so I know how you feeling. And I was not expecting the end of this video so personal and it’s been my experience with other Youtubers that I watch when they take a break they don’t tell us and Justin‘s right we never know when it’s our time and we never know if we will get a new season

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