C6 Corvette Fire | Finding Out What Happened …

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We assess the damage and try to make sense of what occurred.


  1. Wow not even wearing the protective gear and 💩 shoes with capris? Wtf you deserve it

  2. is it not possible that there was fuel being splashed from the car in front of you from the ground since it was raining while you were drifting? just a theory

  3. Time to seal up the car

  4. Don’t forget that heat causes metal to expand so at the time it could have been leaking at that injector and now that its cool it doesn’t leak. Either way that bolt backing out needs to be addressed. So glad you are okay and no major injuries happened, that is the most important thing. Cars can always be rebuilt, as much as it sucks to go through that but hey…More content 😀 Hope to see you back out there soon!

  5. Jesus… nice fire suit (sarcasm). 🤦🏼‍♂️🤡

  6. well she is a girl and its a chevy, gee wonder what happened roflmao

  7. I think a good investment will be a fire suppression system for that car.

  8. OMG cutting fiberglass without a Respirator! You don’t care about safety at all! j/k. I’m sorry to hear about your car, like a phoenix it’ll be reborn. Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Lol , bet that’s the last time she wears ankleless stretchy pants. Get the right pants for crying out loud and you won’t toast your legs

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