C0 Yelan is META DEFINING! 3★ Weapon Showcase! Genshin Impact

The much expected and belated patch 2.7 has finally arrive in Genshin Impact! And with it, one of my personal NEW favorite characters, Yelan!

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0:00 | Intro
0:26 | Yelan’s Build and Stuff
2:28 | Yelan Ability Showcase
5:54 | Yelan Team Support
7:28 | Yelan vs Abyss 12
10:29 | Closing Statements and Overworld

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  1. Yelan is ultimate armpit waifu

  2. Does she replace xingqiu?

  3. Anyone thought of this team comp?
    Tartaglia, yelan, beidou and raiden

  4. キリ | kirigherkins

    I got Yelan in 2 pulls because I was right next to 100% pity, and I already had all the materials farmed to get her to 80 8/8/8 instantly.
    However, I feel nothing. No excitement, no satisfaction. This game is sad.

  5. Her elemental skill is literally the cooles ability by far, I think only Keqing’s E can come close to the “fun factor” the skill offers, except Yelan is a good character.
    And I also really like her Barbed shot mechanic, that’s gotta be the most fun part of using her E when you see that her bracelet glows and just let the shot rip.

    Already have ideas for a nice and probably least meta team if my assumptions on how Yelan’s damage amp works is correct.


    I’m watching you video since 2.0 but ( fu

  7. Navneeth Thanigai
  8. Meta defining is a strong word. Slightly upgraded version of Xin and it’s arguable if it even is.

  9. Diego Oyarzo Quedumán


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