Buying & Trying Every Vat19 Mystery Box!

Unboxing a GIANT Amazon Return Crate Full of Tech Gadgets!

Today we put an end to the query we have all been asking ourselves… “What is the difference between all of VAT 19’s Mystery Boxes?” Welp, we got the answer for ya because we purchased not just one but ALL OF THEM! Join us as we unbox this merchandise swift fire style and rate them DOPE or NOPE! Have you seen a mystery box that you would like for us to review? If so, remark the name of it down below or send the link on our Instagram and Twitter!

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  1. Remember when this channel was called mythias

  2. I had blendy pens when I was a kid :’)

  3. These guys are so unfunny

  4. “Paper rock scissors go”
    It is, Rock Paper Scissors shoot

  5. How many channels does this dude have

  6. I haven’t been here since it was Matthias…

  7. #smoking smartes

  8. Did tanner just let it slip that Amanda is pregenant again?

  9. Dude rockets!!!! Canada bro, Canada.

  10. Kelly Rueda Gurrola

    0:08 “oIIiMmMMMM oH ….” ?

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