Buying Everything in One Color for my Crush!

Gifting lexi everything in one color for 24 hours..
Desired to do something nice for her (:

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  1. Jeremy simp for girls at your age group

  2. She don’t like you,she just kissed you for the gifts

  3. I bet Andrew was jealous

  4. Do you know what jeremy and lexi are really good together psyche landrew is so nicer

  5. Lexi: I am literally in love with the color pink
    Jeremy:😏what else do you love?
    Lexi’s mind: Andrew🥰

  6. Done ❤

  7. Keep dreaming that Lexi is going to be yours when she has Andrew

  8. Ben is gonna be jealous😂

  9. Andrews probably jealous 😡

  10. Cringe 😑

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