Busting Your Minecraft Myths So You Don’t Have To

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  1. Sup. Now go watch more of my videos and binge me thx.

  2. Lush caves and azalea trees spawn almost all the time in giant spruce mega taiga tree biomes and 10% more often in regular taiga’s and mega pine taiga tree biomes.

  3. How many eggs does it take to killthe Warden?

  4. babyshowerlukeyay
  5. Sean Rickard cool

    Myth you can’t subscribe to loverfella

  6. Rhiannon Zinnerman

    I love your videos! 🙂

  7. Samantha mackenzie

    It I 900 eggs kill the warden

  8. A myth is if you name yourself dinnerbone you will become upside down

  9. Chicken nugget master

    just so you know the warden was suffocating

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