Busting 1000 DEADLY Minecraft Myths in 24 Hours

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Busting 1000 DEADLY Minecraft Myths in 24 Hours with PrestonPlayz 👊

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  1. 5:55 turtles do drop bowls when they get stuck by lightning. You just have to do it multiple times.

  2. Hey preston you can cure a zombie villager throw a splash potion of weekness hold out you golden apple make sure you cursure on the villager and after minutes the villager should be cured and hi might drop some of his trades trust me

  3. chitus minecraft adventure $

    Anyways awesome vid I really love it, u put so much hard work into making these.

  4. 7:07 grow mushroom on middle lol

  5. It’s one and a half not two blocks

  6. You can glow the colored signs using glow inc sac

  7. you also need a weakness potion that on zombie villager then hold a golden apple should say cure

  8. Do Minecraft but I irl

  9. *in*

  10. Hi Preston so i have a question can we be best of freinds please? because im also a creator on youtube im a gamer as well pleaase and thank you

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