Buster Murdaugh seen for first time ever since dad’s conviction

Previous lawyer Alex Murdaugh has began serving his two sequential life sentences after being judged guilty of killing his spouse, Maggie, and son Paul in 2021. Meanwhile, Murdaugh’s older son, Buster, was seen publicly for the very first time since the conviction. NBC’s Catie Beck reports for TODAY.

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  1. Leave this kid alone. He’s dealing with a lot.

  2. Michael McClendon YTS-Michael Aaron Aberdeen

    Michael Aaron law firm

  3. Cityghost Jimenez

    Shaved his head probably so the other inmates don’t recognize him since he sent a lot people to prison

  4. Literally did tell u about Buster at all lol

  5. Taxpayer’s money to keep alive a monster??…

  6. This is sad. What’s even more sad is it took Maggie n Paul to be brutally murdered b4 this family was stopped. If they even r stopped. Steven Smith, Hakeem, Gloria, Mallory.

  7. Buster did it and dad is covering for his favorite son

  8. Is it normal to shave the inmates heads? He deserves it but I’m just curious

  9. LaRene Carpenter

    So sad all the way round

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