Bungie ViDoc – Out of the Shadows

The developers at Bungie unveil Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. A new chapter for Destiny 2 and the studio commences this September.

The next chapter for Destiny 2 will reunite you with an old ally to face new nightmares. This autumn, on September 17th, Guardians will go back to our moon – contorted, reshaped, and haunted by our past – to face new threats and uncover new additions to their personalized arsenal.

Learn more about Destiny 2: Shadowkeep: bungie.net

Pre-Order Destiny 2: Shadowkeep: destinythegame.com


  1. Ya better not go bankrupt now that you’re free from the grasp of Activision.

  2. And I never was the one that was complaining about all we don’t have enough guns you don’t have enough armor to me Percy I have way too many gun I have weapons that I haven’t even used and I got no plans to use one because I’m not a sniper

  3. Miguel Garcia Mondragon

    Wait what happened I’m confused

  4. Is armor that y’all release with the Forsaken I’m never going to where it’s just not my thing I don’t like the way it looks it’s just it’s just not me

  5. Crota: see a squad of gallahorns
    *incoming ptsd*

  6. You know you wrong you wrong a player like me going like the armor that I like the way it looks more than the way it plays cuz I don’t really care too much about that

  7. I know that new finishing move looks awesome

  8. “blast from the past.” Wheres Dinklebot then?

  9. herec0mestr0ble

    Looks cool, I’m sure you guys have worked hard. But all this is, is more pixels to waste your life grinding for. No thanks

  10. And what about people that don’t want to be a part of a team don’t forget about us

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