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🎵 Where I get my music from🎵


  1. Katsura Dattebayo!

    How much is the deck i kinda want to buy it

  2. Vik’s haircut is looking sexy on him 😍

  3. Hi Konstantin,
    How did you get into building, because I wanted to get into this type of work, but i’m not sure where to learn anything,

  4. Notice how kons’ subs are also at 1.23

  5. Right now he also has 1,23 mn subs

  6. shame cant enter contest as renting a flat

  7. just done subscriber setup contest gl to whoever wins but anyway keep up the content kon ull get 2m soon

  8. I have so much respect for you and I am learning a lot from you, thank you kon so so so so much ❤

  9. heyya guys if yall wanna listen to some chill lofi music hmu

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