Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slender

The PlayStation 5 is a BIG console… let us fix that! In addition, visit if you’d like to customise your own PS5!

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Thanks to Alphacool for the watercooling parts!


  1. I’ll buy this. Price is no problem, put them up for sale.

  2. So awesome.
    It’s also important to have the water block for the CPU not be the highest point in the loop, else air bubbles will collect there over time!

  3. 46c is 114.8f

  4. What an amazing project, I just can’t imagine the effort of going through all these tribulations! I don’t quite understand why the motherboard was bricked the first time, was it because the the heat supply fell on the ground, blocked the air vents, stopped supplying cooling to the system and permanently damaged it? I don’t have a PS5, so I don’t know how it’s like, but having the motherboard bricked that easily makes the original system look really frail in design…

  5. You just gave sony new ideas, I hope you copyright it hihi

  6. Does anyone know what kind of monitor that is?!?!?!?

  7. Life in reality by Gianni G.


  8. RevivedWarrior1

    I didn’t think of doing that either, thats to many engineering classes. I think you could think of it after awhile of looking at it but like you would almost think of a thick piece of copper and build a channel on top of it for the water..I dunno im dumb.

  9. Submarine part 2 ????

  10. мне не зашло((

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