building Moon Shoes that really Jump High

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Anti-Gravity device my nuts
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Photoshop God @AudreyEmber
The OG Super Jump Shoes @iancharnas
This child on his way up (without exaggeration) @TylerBellMakes


  1. floortje tjeertes

    now the jump mechanism just needs to retract so you can land on flat feet

  2. NIKE-biker T.M.A

    Ah yes, instead of the fallout’s power fist he’s made power shoes 🙏

  3. Bellamy?

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t end up with a single injury at all

    Also did you just call yourself “vertically challenged”…

  5. mess up naill gun face guy

    They really f up not taking you for MythBusters. 😂

  6. this makes me question falllout power armour and how they jump

  7. Lateral Twitler the Literal Twatler

    Need a pair of those gas-powered pogosticks they sold in the 70’s. Or maybe mot, as they were probably banned for a reason.
    But still…

  8. skele the terrarian

    every day, Allen gets a step closer to being Hero Himata.

  9. Those shirts are sweet.
    Do you know how the Mythbusters team feels about all this?
    Do you think that they’d maybe be willing to go in on the merchandising with you?
    I’d bet that they’d be worth a lot more if they were signed, endorsed, featured their likenesses, etc.
    Regardless, it’s so irresponsible of that company to let such a cool merchandising license lapse.
    How did you buy it?
    I want to check whether any other cool things have let their merchandising lapse like that.

  10. Alan is like 50z of the way there to becoming a C list marvel villain. Leapfrog to be exact.

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