Building LEGO Minecraft Weapons IRL!

Download Monster Legends now and claim your prize!

This involves me designing a shield, diamond sword, and iron axe!

Thank you all for viewing and remark down below if you want more LEGO video clips like these 🙂 – in addition complete the challenge 🙂

This is a lego recreation Minecraft Weapons in particular where I make a shield, sword, and axe.

Camera: Canon EOS R/iPhone13
Tripod: Magnus vt-300
Mic: hyper x quadcast
Editor: Final Cut Pro X

If your wondering what this is, its confounded up keyword phrases:

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  1. Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward!

  2. Why didn’t you Google the pixels

  3. I wish had that for mid school

  4. Profesor Potato

    5:30 should have jumped in the bin to make the process quicker

  5. Emperor Wangzhou

    OMG I was building Monster Legends on Lego too LOL
    P.S. Kaori is female

  6. Can we all appreciate that he used a shoeld against a pig

  7. If there is a purge, and only USEFUL people are allowed to live… are screwed 😳.

  8. Rosalie Leipnitz

    Do Spider-Man no way home

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