Building a Tiny Outdoor House *because nobody will build my residence lol*

Have I lost it…. perhaps

My mothers amazon store!!!
A playlist of Vlogmas 2020!!!


If you are perusing this remark “catio season”


  1. How is everyone doin happy Wednesday from cookie and I no one can figure out how to build our house so I guess we are building our own hahah hahaha hahah help

    • Morgan my brother does home remodeling he is trying to take over my dads company who passed last august! He lives in westminister

    • Eating cereal and having some chopped up bananas in my 20s watching Morgan Adams is literally my best life tho. ♥️ If I ever had kids that how I would explain mom’s 20s lamfo

    • Heather & Bill Potter


    • Catio Season 😊

    • Alicia Corvina

      I’d have been done with that guy too. The audacity and misogyny to assume that you have a husband, because god forbid a woman be independent and own her own home, work for herself, and make her own money. He’s never worked for a boss-a$$-betch before, and you have too much self-respect to be the first one he DOES work for, and I’m proud of you for saying NOPE and taking your husband-free business elsewhere.

  2. When we got our apartment renovated our project manager/interior designer added a clause to the contract with the contractors company: any work done after a certain deadline would be unpaid. You can be sure it all got done in time, and I feel like 80% of the work was done in like 2 weeks lol

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your house building problems hahahha I am a woman in construction and it’s crazy how many customers have horror stories from previous contractors. No one has the same pride in their work they used to it’s sad. I hope everything works out for you and you find someone great !!

  4. This is your opportunity to make the cutest outhouse ever since there isn’t a bathroom lol

  5. If Kris Jenner can have a full house reverb, I’m sure Morgan can build a hen house

  6. PHD? So… Dr. M Adams?

  7. That wasn’t a no on the Smoke tho O.o 🤣🤣 I smoke while I watch your Videos.

  8. -NENCY- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    ” So did this guy have a wife?” I love your grandma she is too hilarous

  9. Clifford Hanson


  10. I would email back and say my husband wont allow me to spend any money sorry

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