Building A Custom Supercar Part 2

Things are getting pretty real! We are still pinpointing all of the damaged areas and learning a ton of new things as we go. This burnt Lamborghini Huracan will be an absolute animal in the future. We have some pretty wild ideas for this build and we hope you guys enjoy this process. Thanks For Watching!!!


  1. This seems nearly impossible to make your own car

  2. TM Family Episodes

    Billy got married.

  3. This is CC. Actually, i was 13 in the cd generation! i got a walkmen cassette player but i was at the bottom of low class!!!

  4. Maybe do something like Alex Choi but even cooler

  5. gongratzz billy huisje boompje beestje en autos

  6. Goldfields Hantis League

    It’ll be an absolute miracle if this engine ever runs again!

  7. Lit idea

  8. Paint the car red after u guys are done

  9. drop that engine and drive train in to a Shelby gt500

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