Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment


  1. 4:50 swedish voice

  2. 4:03 gave me anxiety

  3. 4:46 Hey the voice speaks Swedish ?

  4. I’m ordering door dash everyday . Ain’t no way I’m using that elevator every time .

  5. Hell no. The apartments are cool, but there are more useful investment opportunities than this for millions of dollars

  6. Wayward Woodworker

    A nice place to visit, but… yeah.

  7. Jeez! Long time haven’t seen your videos Casey.

  8. Most of you will never be able to afford this

  9. Scott Donaldson

    What was THAT? If you don’t want to do YouTube anymore, just stop, but putting out stuff like this or boring product reviews is not what your fans/viewers are looking for.

  10. thats so wild

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