Building a 5 Acre Pond! (Tagging Our Pet Bass)

Building a 5 acre pond for our two pet bass!
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  1. One step closer to adding Bonnie and Clyde into the 5 acre pond!

  2. Sir Geralt Of Rivia

    Y for Yennifer

  3. Can I Get H for Howard

  4. Fish name suggestions:


    Me and my boyfriend love your channel!!

  5. Big bluegill name : Tarzan

  6. Melon for the M name! Would be cool to have a green/yellow bass named melon! Hope yall are having a good time with this project, cause im having a good time watching it!

  7. Onderon for O

  8. I would like to name a bass Albert after my girlfriend’s dad who passed away two years ago. He loved fishing.

  9. Utah for U

  10. Billybass for a B

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