Building a 5 Acre Pond! (First Time Fishing)

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Building a 5 acre pond for our two pet bass!

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  1. How about “Hodor” for H 😁😁😁

  2. Shane as a Bass name

  3. TheRhadamanthus

    Bass names ; highway , interceptor, echo, Harvest, Hunter, Howler, Intrepid, Evening

  4. Christian Williams

    H should be humpy or humpback there’s always a humpback bass

  5. I got 2 names for yall. Rooster and Lulu!!!!

  6. daboysforlife 2020

    One of the bass should be named tuna

  7. Name for the letter p: Perry

  8. Name for the letter p: Porky

  9. ・your non favorite person 👍・

    This has been such a fun series to follow! Never really been interested in fishing but you sure do have my attention!

    Bass name= Valkyrie

  10. Finn

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