Buffalo snowfall: Residents cope with snow fall, as more snow on the way

A risky lake-effect snow fall has paralyzed a giant area of New York State, with two feet of snow on the ground already and more on the way in the Buffalo region and encircling area.

International’s chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell is on the ground in Buffalo, N.Y., where he details the icy condition and speaks with residents on how they are coping with the deluge of snow.

“I am just astonished. I have never, ever seen snow like this in my whole life,” one resident stated.

The snow band is considered likely to shift north into the Niagara region of Ontario on Saturday morning, before more snow arrives on Sunday.

For more information, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/9289146/buffalo-snowstorm-blizzard-new-york-lake-effect-snow-photos/


  1. People need to stop acting like it is the first time this happens! Smh

  2. Why are they shoveling it off the roof?

  3. Im in Tampa Florida, it’s 73 and sunny. Does that help?

  4. Ioved away from snow long ago. It’s super heavy to shovel fir one a d any year roofs can cave in. But. Snow is beautiful when it falls. Just didn’t want to get old where it snowed a lot for all the work snow brings

  5. This type of snow storm is common in my location and we witness it every winter. It is fun and I love driving in it 😁

  6. My grandfather would say, “We got snow like that everyday and walked to school in it barefoot.”

  7. i love snow, can i move to there

  8. 10 seconds in, this is already pure madness. 🙁

  9. In the winter when I was 5 (1957) we lived in Tonawanda, a part of Buffalo. My mother walked down the street to have coffee with the neighbor and a couple hours later she tried to walk home but couldn’t find our house because it was buried in snow. Like the woman today said, “It’s Buffalo.” (My dad got a job in Los Angeles the following year and my parents lived the rest of their lives in California.)

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