Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 6 Highlights

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  1. I like the fact that I can call this game just average for the bills that’s how good they really are let’s go Buffalo

  2. Josh Allen 🏆

  3. Bolton is getting pushed all over the field on these highlights. totally ineffective.

  4. hey NFL, we rather see some replays/slo mos of big plays rather than a dead 10 seconds of nothing after the play

  5. YEA !!! Go Bills !👍🦬

  6. why was there nobody in front of Kelsey when he made that 2-3-yard grab for them to take that field goal that’s what I don’t understand

  7. WHAT…….A………GAME!!!!!!!

  8. These two nearly on jets level 🎣

  9. Bills won so whatever but Allen did get tripped 100%. Good game both good teams tho.

  10. The Haaland celebration got me lol

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