BTS (방탄소년단) 2019 FESTA Trailer




    مرحبا ايها الارمي
    لدي سؤال:
    انا ارمي جديدة فقط من 8 اشهر لقد عرفت كل شيء عنهم وكانني ارمي من 2013 ولكنني للاسف
    لا اعرف ماذا تعني FESTA -تحك رقبتها باحراج- ?
    هل يمكنكم ان تشرحوها لي؟

    اختكم الارمي من ليبيا ?



  3. #WhatAboutLatinArmy

  4. I really hope they come after 5years in India so that I can buy the concert tickets with my own money. Love you all. ???????

  5. #WhatAboutArabArmy
    Our dream is to meet you
    We want to meet you
    We want to see you dance and sing to us
    We want to shout at your names
    We are part of the army
    But why dont you talk about us like other armys?
    We want to see you before us
    we love you bts

  6. 사탕 사과 Akiyama

    That voice gave me flashbacks to the Pacer Test

  7. Bangtan sonyeondan
    We purple you bts ?

  8. Can’t wait!! But am I the only one who has flashbacks to the fitness gram pacer test?

  9. Please just gave us attention say hi Arab Army or thanks we still love you

  10. #WhatAboutArabArmy?????????

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