BTS(방탄소년단) – Dynamite(Slow Jam Remix) (Let’s BTS!) l KBS WORLD TV 210329

▶ Editor’s Pick!


  1. Hobi sounds like everything!!😀👌

  2. Taehyung serving prince-like looks and soulful vocals. He ends with soft yet beautiful high notes so effortlessly.

  3. Voice​ jungkook​ is​ the​ Best​
    Wow​ like​ this​ version​

  4. My boy V what a performer! Always on point with his amaneci voice and stage presence, keep on V “

  5. AllThingsBts_ ProudA.R.M.Y

    Jungkooks iconic intro, he always slays 👌👑

  6. 💜BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. Kim taehyung you are amazing. My favorite voice and facial expressions

  8. Los amo tanto mis bebés 💜


    💜I Love YOU BTS💜♾️ Love

  10. Araceli Talavera

    Armys de LATAM donde están? ;-;

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