Bruins rally past Blues in Game 1

Sean Kuraly scored the go-ahead goal in the third as the Bruins rallied to beat the Blues, 4-2, in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final


  1. “Kaboom Krug” new nickname ?

  2. Sad game.

  3. Olivia offers you{

    I it’s good video. I love it’s

  4. NHL: Only needs 150k+ views to get on trending:
    Pewdiepie, literally the most-subscribed channel for the longest time on this platform: Can’t even get on trending

  5. Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT

    The blues are a dirty team and they still lost that game
    Lets go Bruins
    I want to see a 3rd team win in under a year

  6. Don’t put spoilers in the title…… ?

  7. The Time Traveler

    Blue have still not won a game in the Stanley cup finals.

  8. Jameson Pierce

    Let’s go Bruins, if your watching Sam it’s Jamo from HHI

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