Bruins force Game 7 with 5-1 win against Blues

Tuukka Rask made 28 saves and the Bruins scored four goals in the third to beat the Blues, 5-1, and force a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final


  1. If you poke the bears like the blues did in game 5…this is what u get!

  2. I hope the Bruins beat them in game 7.

  3. Nikolaus Ioilev

    Тарасенко , епта, ну соберись!

  4. Blues players lost their composure after getting blown out in the third with those late checks and punches to the face :0 SALTY

  5. The blues are gonna lose game 7, they aren’t winning the Stanley Cup:(

  6. Marchan is one of those guys that is so talented people hate him, not to mention his antagonizing style of play…that one timer snipe was absolutely insane…

  7. stevie ray genoch

    Let’s see golie to golie fighting and maybe we can finally watch some hockey for a change! Let’s see it!

  8. stevie ray genoch

    Come bitches let’s see tuka vs the lil girl let’s witness real hockey…

  9. stevie ray genoch

    Boston gonna let them win because they won three blues won zero so the owner is making a call… lol nhl is pathetic

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