Bruins explode for seven goals in Game 3 victory

Torey Krug set a Bruins record with four points in a Stanley Cup Final game, and Boston took hold of a 2-1 lead with a 7-2 win against the Blues


  1. I love it when Doc said: You can only lose one game in one night……..Damn good thing

  2. Thomas Chambers

    The blues suck. They are out of their league. Literally.

  3. NBC’s announcer sucks… he’s disgustingly biased and is not even following the play far too often.
    ​Best hockey play-by-play was Fred Cusick in Boston… and I don’t claim that because I’m a fan since 1961. I say that because back in the 60s – 70s, when I had to watch snowy reception on UHF for Channel 38 Bruins games out of Boston, Fred called such an accurate and descriptive game (with profound timing) that I could “see” the game in my head even when the reception faded in and out. BTW: Fred is one of very few game announcers in the NHL Hall of Fame.

  4. I dont see how that 3rd goal was onsides… but binnington had a bad game anyway along with the blues defense… they were soft

    • John Nelson it deff appears to be offsides but it touched a blues player before reentering into the blues zone. So in a nutshell If it didn’t touch the blues player last It would of been offsides.

  5. I have a photo of Marchand on the street in a detective-style long coat. He looks like Inspector Clouseau, only shorter.
    Go B’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bruins in 5

  7. He sCoOoOores

  8. 1:05 free replay button.

  9. Can the blues finally win a game in June? After this performance that doesn’t look likely.

  10. Hockey is better than baseball

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