Brooklyn’s Bachelorette Party!

IT’S MY BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!! I was soooo pumped to have terrific friends and twin who chose to throw me the finest bachelorette weekend ever!

If you see Bailey doing most of the vlogging, it is because I just wanted to enjoy the weekend and still vlog for y’all!

We booked a cool cabin airbnb in Texas on a lake, and had the best time. I invited a handful of friends, old college roommates, sister-in-laws, and siblings! We had everything from matching pjs, to cute sweatshirts, to gift baskets I made for everyone. Of course we had classic bachelorette activities, starting with a girl’s night out! We also played games, swam, and hung out until early in the morning catching up with each other (though losing a lot of sleep haha!). Now I am even more excited to share my wedding with y’all when the time comes!:)

❤️’s – Brooklyn

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  1. I think they might share the same wedding anniversary bc Bailey was married October 1st 2021 so Brooklyn may be the same day 2022

  2. How do i get these YouTube feeds? Is it because I was born in Michigan? Is it because I once littered? Is it because i ran a red light?
    Please make it stop.

  3. Mango dragonfruit lemonade with raspberry syrup and passion tango tea on top.

  4. lol the eggplant balloon

  5. I just want to know where the pants came from!! So cute!

  6. Congratulations

  7. I love the sweatshirt that’s a cute idea

  8. does anyone know what mascara they use?

  9. Me and my sister watch all of your videos and tic toc’s

  10. I was just thinking about when you were gonna get married and the videos were gonna come out!!!

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