Brits try Waffle House for the very first time!

Today MasterChef’s Noah Sims takes us for our first taste of a JOLLY fast food classic!

Thanks to Noah (IG @mountain_man_sims) for taking time out of his own bday to show us a JOLLY good time!

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James Reyes
Bettie Meier
Nora yousef
Colin Kato
David Whitener
Claim2Game (a.k.a isaiah gollan 20)
Li Winslow
Reilly Willoughby
G. J Chua
Jim Harrington
AJ Villanueva
Julian Leung
Yun Lim
Victor koh
Randi á Grønastøð
Diana Woon
Bada Choi
Nurse Laykan
heather owen
Gloria Kwon


  1. The waffle house has found its new host.

  2. Waffle House has joined the chat

  3. When I tapped this video to see the comments, I was like “nah where the comments at?” And by that I meant “Where are the “Waffle house has found its new host” comments“ And then now Im like “oh they probably made it so that when you comment the Waffle house has yada yada, it won’t appear in public.

  4. The waffle house has found its new host

  5. Kevin, are you watching?

  6. I shit myself in a waffle house

  7. kevin a legend

  8. Love these videotaping American food

  9. the waffle house has found its new host

  10. Didn’t anyone warn you?

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