Brisbane Broncos v Melbourne Storm | Match Highlights | Round 23, 2022 | NRL

The Brisbane Broncos host the Melbourne Storm during Round 23 of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership

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  1. Broncos all day day 💯💯 whooshh eeaahh lie

  2. Broncos really need to work on their defense game.

  3. The Bronco’s biggest loss in their entire history

    • No biggest loss against the Roosters, 59 – 0 (2020)…second biggest loss against parra, 58 – 0 (2019) and third biggest loss against Raiders 56 – 0 (2009)..

  4. David Nofoaluma is a prime example of talent being wasted at rubbish clubs 😂 Ponga, Faasuamaleaui, Curran, Hunt to name a few 😂

  5. Not many people know this but Bellyache had to be resuscitated in the 12th min.

  6. Broncos players smiling and laughing after having 60 points put on them. Not a good sign old Kevin.

  7. Brisbane did well to stay under 61 😂. Even highlights needed to be edited before it was too much trays .

  8. Totally embarrassing broncs 👎

  9. Watch out there are invisible legs there lol 😆 😂 🤣

  10. Recent survey revealed 6 out of 7 dwarf’s aren’t happy.

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