Brian Laundrie’s ‘bones’ discovered in formerly underwater area of Florida sustain: FBI

The FBI Denver field office verified that dental records were used to match what North Port PD made reference to as “bones” discovered at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port Wednesday. Objects belonging to Laundrie were discovered close to the skeletal remains, stated by North Port PD.


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  1. his parents knew where he was all along…he finally decided to do himself in and gators got to the body

  2. Israel is getting crowded… these 2… Ashli Babbitt… Her dog… Bones?? did the gator eat him and crap out his bones?

  3. Well August’ s slow news Month…The case is Closed…

  4. Madeline Pettingill

    People are murdered daily….why is this one so important? Why are they ( main stream media owned by china) keeping your eyes on here? What are THEY doing behind your backs? I feel bad for both parents. But wake up people.

  5. Tokyo Television…sue for Freedom of Information. .

  6. Coward killed her then feed himself to the Gators and ect….

  7. I still don’t think it’s him. DNA on the bones are needed. Forget dental records. You can pull some teeth.

    Also, don’t forget about all the indigenous women who are assaulted and/or murdered and all the bipoc who are missing and lost. Every family deserves to know what has happened to their loved ones.

  8. SpicyHallepeno pepper🌶🔥

    This is a little creepy of how fast his Parents found his body in just 90min!!!

  9. Bs now he dead ion believe it at all

  10. I just don’t get how. The body could be just bones already?

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