Brewstew – Our Dog Otis

Our Dog Otis was recorded in front of a live studio audience.

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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (
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End Music by Mark Jay

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  1. Meanwhile in Animal Crossing, Butch, a supposedly “cranky” villager based on a Rottweiler, is actually the sweetest villager on my whole island.

  2. everyone gangster until the trees start speaking Rottweiler

  3. This is one of the funniest video I have ever seen

  4. Jeremiah Satterlee

    Granted you had to clean tons of shit off the carpet

  5. Dogs will know your scent.

  6. I was laughing for 90 % of the video as soon as he showed Otis get scared by a lime 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Michael Schultz

    My neighbor’s own a pitbull that looks gnarly as heck. He’s got a giant head, deep bark, muscular frame, and giant scar running down his back. He’s as calm as he can be around my daughter, wife, and farm animals. So, I really like this dog. At the beginning of the pandemic I think my neighbor got laid off or something and the dog started getting really thin so we started feeding him. Now that we feed him, he spends most of the day laying in my yard and driveway. Now, I get calls from the Amazon delivery guys asking if my dog bites. If I’m home, I like to tell them I don’t have dog and hang up before I walk outside to retrieve the package.

  8. Jasper Jyre Tolentino

    Bursts into living wearing skimask
    Otis: aight imma head out

  9. My name is otis

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