Brewstew – Backyard Ablaze

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  1. NOT THE RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This happend to me to 💀

  3. The only person who had a good time was the dog who ate all that BBQ.

  4. I absolutely respect you as a father I would do the same thing for my kids once I have kids

  5. i is top ten trending

  6. i agree with that

  7. I like to think that now that the kids are revealed we’re gonna get more stories with and about them

  8. SO funny. : )
    Sorry your house almost burned down.
    I am glad no one was hurt.
    That is why it is SO funny. lol

  9. I love her videos that she makes with her friends and family. Lets get her to 15M.

  10. He has kids😦

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