Brendan Fraser Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor

Watch Brendan Fraser’s Oscar 2023 acceptance speech for Actor in a Leading Role for his characterization of Charlie in THE WHALE. See more Oscar recognition lectures and highlights on and in the ABC app!


  1. Encino Man got one holy smokes

  2. Started crying instantly

  3. He forgot to name his wife as they put the camera on her…😂

  4. Knife inHand8407

    “No weezing the juice”

  5. How this dude won best actor????
    He’s terrible!!! 🤦‍♂️

  6. He is a stud, every one needs to watch him in DOOM PATROL!!!!

  7. robbykouthere069

    I’m Glad He Won, He Should’ve Won A LONG TIME AGO. FR

  8. I think it’s safe to say the only other time a massive amount of people wanted someone to win an Oscar this badly was Leo DiCaprio but that pales in comparison to this

    Congrats Brendan
    We are all so happy for you

  9. Stopped watching the Oscars years ago but glad to see Brendan has been acknowledged.

  10. I for one do not think he should have recieved this award

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