BREAKING NEWS! – EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

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  1. this really makes me wanna switch to AMD but i think AMD does the same thing, limits the board partners , they also sell they’re own version of the GPU both team green and Red do very simlier things as far as being strict, i do remember the days of custom cards doing all crazy cool stuff

  2. EVGA was the best to do it…will be missed. Is there even another company that can replace, even remotely close?

  3. I don’t think I am going to be buying anymore Nvidia products

  4. Time for everyone to ditch Nvidia.

  5. Quite a shock of a news story. EVGA without gfx cards would have been unthinkable to me last week. The hit they will have on revenue will be difficult to make up for, though it really looks like profit might not suffer as much as would have been assumed. Better margins on psu’s, but unclear as to how they’ll be able to really standout on product pages, while losing bundles.
    No idea what Vince is going to be doing in the future :/
    Edit – just remembered it was EVGA that helped you sort out Kiapiaa after that debacle with Artisian, I know you said they sorted you out at short notice.

  6. This is what extreme greed dose!
    Nvidia just F***ed itself.

  7. it´s clear to me what Nvidia is doing here. They obviously want to eliminate the middle man and get full control of their product. Meaning they want to found the card, produce it and sell it without sharing a piece of the pie with other manufacturers! Since they don´t have the capacity to produce millions of cards they need those third party partners like msi, asus etc. So once Nvidia grows their capacities to produce more cards they will start to screw one partner after another till they reached their goal of having full control of their product from the start to finish!

  8. I just launched my DJ career, that is to help my “Open Studio.” (and my next move was to build a better computer, as i’ve bought everything else, to make a free studio…..and NOW? Its dead. I think NVidia sucks (just cause of the constant dodgy updates and annoying shit.) (Its like owning a TYRE? BUT having the air inside constantly tell you “Im cold/im hot/im bored/im feeling flat..)

  9. Also…Im pissed off, that none of you big You Tubers, ever do a “HOME PRODUCTION STUDIO!!” Hmmm??? Ive been building a “Studio.” Its crazy, but, its a Free studio, for Music Makers/ Film Makers/ Dj’s and all creators.” Its a Home thing, and whilst ive spent alot of money (well over the 10K mark) Its the computer i built at the start, which is now, my next mark. (Just Bought a 3.2K DJ setup) at the expence of the New computer?? (WHY? Cause everyone of you fucking EXPERTS keep saying “WAIT!” for fucking YEARS!” “WAIT?” and you (not personally) YOU FCKERS keep scaring me, to NOT BUILD a new Computer!! Ironically? The experts are basically, ending sales for their sponsors? hahaha (just came to me)

  10. If they want to keep going in the GPU market they need to go with AMD and make one of the best gaming AMD cards out there.

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