BREAKING: Major event touted in London

London Fire Brigade has proclaimed a Major Incident in response to swell fires across the Capital on the UK’s hottest-ever day.

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  1. 2 fires in my area today. People say why the worry and panic but the truth is we do not build our infrastructure for this heat.

  2. Prayers from the States. We’re dealing the same thing here in States now too. 😲🙏🇺🇸

  3. They all went to the beach and forgot their coffee pots on 🤣

  4. am kalki remember the carribean slaughter c/c r

  5. Was that a metric system reference?!?!?!?! OmGGggG

  6. Karma for London . London has raised many grounds with hellfire in the world

  7. Take good care ❤

  8. many European nations have military equipment which can be quickly modified for firefighting purposes(heavy equipment with plows, water transport, and rapid heavy lift transport). get everything out there!

  9. This will all be forgotten about in a few days and when the weather returns to its usual temperatures. Guarantee it.

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