BREAKING: Cam Newton agrees to 1-year deal with New England Patriots | CBS Sports HQ

Cam Newton has a new home in Foxborough.

Bryant McFadden, Pete Prisco, and Kenny White join CBS Sports HQ to break down the addition of Newton in New England and what it means from an on-field fit and the Patriots’ odds in Vegas.


  1. CAM is an mvp level QB I won’t be surprised if the Pats make it back to the Super Bowl!!!
    NO CAP

  2. Tepper must be kicking himself for completely mishandling the Cam situation, LOL!!

  3. They said the same thing when DeRozan went to SAS for Kawhi Leonard…. but now look at them…. not nearly as good, even tho DeRozan is a top tier player.

  4. “incentive laden one year contract”.
    Translation:: The Patriots think he’s washed up and won’t have to pay him unless he proves them wrong.
    Besides, with the current world we live in where everything is infected with identity politics… it doesn’t hurt to have an affirmative action hire on the roster.
    I’m surprised a team in the middle of rebuilding (and looking to go 0-16) hasn’t hired Kaepernick for the BLM sales alone. I’m looking at you Jax, Mia, redskins, ect.

  5. Yooooooooo!!!!!!!



  7. This is a hype year in the NFL and we may not even be able to enjoy it due to covid 19 ughhh

  8. Edgar Hernandez-O

    Bruh imagine if cam has another injury

  9. Help me Reach 200 subs with no videos

    Breaking news: patriots lose tom brady
    Two months later: cam newton goes to the patriots

  10. Out of all the teams cam could have gone to, I least expected the patriots because of Bill Belichick because of his offensive scheme

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