Thanks to all you Mythical Beasts out there, we were able to create a brand-new Mythical Kitchen! Here is a tour of this gorgeous space where we are going to be whipping up a ton of terrific new food content coming your way. Stay tuned!
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  1. I would love to see how the wolf piss could be done….

  2. This made me happy

  3. Is Trevor just Glorp Glorp in his human form?

  4. I love trevor

  5. Competition between Josh & Nicole then a competition between you both where team up with Rhett and Link. You can only give verbal directions or give them clues.

  6. Am i the only one thinking nicole can catch it ?👀😂

  7. That is deluxe special campfire flavor!

  8. Someone needs to food fears josh…surstromming style…

  9. Mythical “METH” Kitchen

  10. I’m making cookies!!!! Congratulations guys!!

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