Brains Are Jerks At 3AM


  1. Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name

    420 views, nice

  2. Yes ryan , you’re not wrong .. thankyou for having a brain too lol .

  3. OMG this is so accurate!!!

  4. Atanas Magdalinchev

    I’d love for this to be a series

  5. “It’s a coat, it’s a jacket”
    “It’s a coat, it’s a jacket”
    “It’s a jacket, it’s a coat”

    -Ryan and his brain, ca. 2021

  6. Me: I’m exhausted I’m going to go to sleep
    My brain: ok let’s see how we can make this more annoying for you…
    Me: please no
    My brain: remember that time in fifth grade-
    Me: what did I say, NO!!
    my brain: when you couldn’t think of anything better to say-
    Me: no stop it not now…
    My brain: so you said to your friend “your Fitbit matches your shirt”
    Me: yeah, I do remember, and I remember I felt really stupid after
    My brain: ooh! you were really cringy in fifth grade, lemme find another one!
    Me: * groans *

  7. My brain gets mad that I didn’t get any writing done so I end up staying up until 5 am writing with YouTube on in the background

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