boygenius – Not Strong Enough (official music video)

boygenius – Not Strong Enough (official music video)

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Shot by: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus
Edited by: Jackson Bridgers
Color by Clark: Griffiths/ Company 3

“Not Strong Enough” lyrics:

Black hole opened in the kitchen.
Every clock’s a different time.
It would only take the energy to repair it.
I do not know why I am

the way I am
not tough enough to be your man.
I tried, I can not
stop gazing at the ceiling fan and
spinning out about things that have not occurred,
inhaling and out.

Drag racing through the canyon
singing “Boys Don’t Cry”.
Do you see us getting scrapped up off the pavement?
I do not know why I am

the way I am
not tough enough to be your man
I lied, I am
just lowering your expectancies.
One-half a mind that keeps the other second guessing.
Close my eyes and count.

Always an angel, never a god.

I do not know why I am the way I am.
There is something in the static.
I think I’ve been having insights
coming to in the front seat, almost empty,
bypass the exit to our old road and head home.
Head home alone.

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  1. Absolutely lovely

  2. are julien and lucy dating?

  3. I like each of them individually, and together they are something special. Very happy to see this new release.

  4. SO CUTE <3

  5. Zoja Chmielarczyk

    didn’t think watching julien baker ride a roller coaster was going to be the thing that made me tear up today but here we are <3

  6. Love this. Has bit of a modern Sundays’ sound

  7. Beautiful ❤ hilarious ❤ brilliant ❤ joyful ❤ connected

  8. Devanshi Chauhan

    The real question is how did they not get swamped at Santa Monica pier? Us queers love that fucking pier.

  9. im weak

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