BOYFRIEND REVEAL! | Come With Me to the Trixie Motel Premiere

Right now only available in the US & CA.

This month, I tried:
Get A Room by Confessions Of A Rebel
Cypress by rag & bone
Ten Fifteen by Room 1015

Executive: Producer Trixie Mattel
Producer: Brandon Lim
Editor: Nick Walker
Post Supervisor: Jess Stevens

About Trixie Mattel:
Your favorite world renowned crossdresser with an enthusiasm for makeup artistry, the absolute Legend, Icon, and Star Trixie Mattel! Ages 3 and Up, Accessories Sold Separately, Batteries Not Included

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  2. is the name mattel bc of barbie

  3. I love this show! I love seeing all the rooms come to life!

  4. What a HOT couple though.

  5. I love seeing this side of trixie with David! They are so sweet together!

  6. I still don’t understand if the motel is gonna actually function as a motel that you can get a room in

  7. Kathryn Bedrosian

    Ron! Hi Ron!

  8. ugh discovery+!? can the gays all collectively decide on one streaking platform and stay there

  9. Trending next to children’s minecraft videos…disgusting

  10. Discovery+ Is not available in japan 😭 tracy help 😩😩😩

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