Bowyer and Newman go at it on pit street after All-Star Race

Clint Bowyer travels up to Ryan Newman’s automobile on pit street and begins throwing punches after the two have a confrontation in All-Star Race.

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  1. What a pu$$y, gets out the car to confront him without hitting him back. Visor was up, punch him in the face or pull his helmet down and give him some body shots.

  2. William Milliken

    He would have kicked clint’s ass..

  3. Michael Martin

    Why is THIS on Trending?

  4. What a couple of pussies. Helmet on sucker punches followed by a kinda heated conversation.

  5. Streetfighter


  6. The title of the video says Boyer and Newman went at it. I didn’t realize that getting attacked sitting in your car was “going at it.”

  7. Some people need drama to feel relevant

  8. alexander the awesome

    Yeee boi go ahead and light em boy show em how we git’ down

  9. Lmfao.. how ladys fight….


    No assault charges ?

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